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Protect what Keeps you Rolling

Protect what Keeps you Rolling

Your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle comes with a factory warranty that covers major mechanical components, but what about a flat tire, damaged tire, or bent wheel rim? With H-D™ Tire & Wheel Protection, you can protect yourself from out-of pocket repair costs dues to damage to your tires and wheels caused by unexpected road hazards, such as potholes, or debris on the road surface, like nails, rocks, tree limbs, glass or plastic.

Here are our TOP 10 Reasons to get H-D™ Tire and Wheel Protection

1. Covers Repairs or Replacement or original and replacement tire and wheels that fail due to contact with a road hazard1.

2. Includes cost for mounting and balancing, inner tubes, valve stems, labor and taxes.

3. NO Deductible.

4 No Maximum occurrences.

5. Rental Vehicle Reimbursement up to $75/day ($750 Max) per occurrence2.

6. Towing Reimbursement up to $200 per occurrence2.

7. Lodging and Meal reimbursement up to $150/day ($450 Maximum) per occurrence, if more than 100 miles from home2.

8. Transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner for a $25 Transfer fee, which may increase resale value.

9. Nationwide H-D Repair location assistance.

10. Coverage Begins immediately upon purchase.

1 Tire and wheels must meet manufacturer's specifications to quality for coverage.

2 if a road hazard causes a covered failure, see the H-D™ Tire and wheel Protection contract for full details.